Ballie Wind Farm supports Trishaw rides for Cycling Without Age, Thurso Published on 9th April 2024

Ballie Wind Farm has contributed £5,622 to support the purchase of a Trishaw for the Cycling Without Age chapter in Thurso. This charity aims to provide elderly or less able people access to the outdoors through trishaw rides. The Thurso chapter, led by Kevin Oag as captain, has nine volunteers at various stages of training. Their goal is to offer trishaw outings by mid-May once full pilot training is completed.

Kevin has expressed interest in setting up a chapter in Thurso after seeing the good work that the Wick chapter of Cycling Without Age Scotland has been doing. The Thurso chapter committee has been working hard to raise funds for the purchase of a trishaw and has now taken delivery of it. The trishaw has been funded by Baillie Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund, Dounreay Employees Charity Fund and Farr High School through the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative.

The Thurso chapter is seeking more volunteers to be trained to pilot the trishaw, with a goal of getting as many people as possible outside in the fresh air, even though it's called cycling, it's at walking pace to allow passengers to interact with other pedestrians.

The Wick chapter of Cycling Without Age began about five years ago, and it's for anyone of any age who, for whatever reason, cannot use a bike themselves. It's for those that are more isolated, be it in their own homes or feeling the isolation of being in a residential home. Once somebody has trained as a pilot, they can go anywhere in the whole of Scotland and use the trishaws of any chapter.

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