New tranche of funding for business fund Published on 16th February 2016

Caithness Business Fund is delighted to announce that a new tranche of funding has been made available to enable it to support small businesses in Caithness as they set up and plan for growth.

A further £26,090.85 has been provided by Baillie Wind Farm Ltd to the Fund to enable it to provide grants of up to £5,000 to small businesses in the area which need a helping hand either to get started, or to take the next step in their growth. 

The Fund was created in 2013 after discussions between Caithness Chamber of Commerce and Baillie Wind Farm Ltd who had a vision to see a wider area of Caithness and North Sutherland benefit from local wind farms. Baillie Wind Farm Ltd has committed to providing £25,000 per annum to the Fund over 25 years.  This contribution is RPI index linked which means the contribution is increasing year on year.

The Fund has already worked with a wide range of businesses in the local area, from bakers to filmmakers, and has helped a number of local entrepreneurs reach their true potential.

Laura Freeman of Eye Candy, approached the Fund last year to seek support for expanding her business. Having run a successful shop in Thurso for a number of years, she wished to replicate this success by opening a shop in Wick.  With support and guidance from the Fund, Laura was able to successfully apply for a grant from the Fund to help her purchase the stock and equipment necessary to do this and expand her business.

Passionate photographer and filmmaker Jill Innes approached the Fund for support to help her turn her dream into a full-time business. Recognising Jill’s natural creative talent and ambition to succeed, the team worked closely with her to develop her business plan and, in early 2015, Jill successfully applied for a grant from the Fund to purchase new, state-of-the-art, equipment, enabling her to get her business off to a flying start.

The Fund is managed by Caithness Chamber of Commerce and Trudy Morris, the Chamber’s chief executive, said: “The Fund has been a fantastic resource for the area, offering support and guidance to businesses at times when they most need it.

“Setting up a new business, or planning for a major expansion, can be a nerve-wracking experience – whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or striking out on your own for the first time – and the help and support the Fund has to offer businesses, in addition to the financial boost it can provide, is invaluable.”

Whether you’ve always dreamed of running your own business but aren’t sure where to start, or you need a little extra help to take your business to the next level, the Caithness Business Fund can help you.

The Fund welcomes applications and details can be found on, by calling Caithness Business Fund on 01847 500104 or via email

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